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Distribution The
Right Way

If you sell any type of product, we offer the most complete and turnkey service from online store setup to omni-channel distribution to order fulfillment. From soup to nuts...literally.

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Our Services

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Logistics & Distribution

Getting your products to your customers is the lifeline of your business. Our fulfillment services offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution to success.

Ecommerce Channels

We build your e-commerce fast. Through our deep relationships with major omni-channel platforms like Amazon and Walmart, we streamline your online presence to expand your sales.

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Warehouse Pick & Pack

We utilize a 3D supply chain to optimize your inventory placement and kitting needs throughout our warehouse locations across the country to ensure speed & high customer satisfaction.

Fulfillment & Delivery

We drive your distribution needs and offer innovative on-demand last mile solutions to decrease the footprint to your customers. Find out how our model is changing the game on traditional shipping and order fulfillment. 

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Fulfillment You Can Trust

57% Sales Channel Growth

Innovative Order Processing

87% Faster Fulfillment

The Community We Serve

“My sales have skyrocketed since we have expanded to e-commerce through Logisticom. Their order processing and fulfillment reduces my overhead and gives me a total peace of mind.”

The Jones Brand Co.

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