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Logistics & Distribution

Getting your products to your customers is the lifeline of your business. Our logistics and distribution services offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution to success.

Logisticom is a third-party logistics fulfillment company that takes care of the entire supply chain logistics to order fulfillment process from start to finish. Logistics and distribution are critical components of the efficient day-to-day operations of delivering goods from one location to another incorporating warehousing, stock control, monitoring of the flow of goods before the movement. Logistics and distribution are crucial processes in ensuring that your stock is delivered to the right location, at the right time, whilst remaining cost-effective. 


Our logistics services start with planning of transportation, warehouse management, inventory management and handling of goods within a warehouse before they are ready to be taken from one destination to another through the distribution channels. 

Our Logisitics Capabilities

  • Logistics Planning

  • Cargo Unloading

  • Flexible Pick-up & Delivery Services

  • Pick and Pack

  • Assembly & Sub-Assembly

  • Fulfillment Services

  • Transportation

  • Cross-docking/Trans-loading

  • Sorting & Labeling

  • Repackaging

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Companies trust Logisticom to create speed and cost savings by breaking down shipments and sorting freight with expertise and precision. Our cross-docking and transloading process is direct, precise, and streamlined so your inventory never hits a delay in its path to market.

Freight Consolidation

We are a high volume freight consolidator, distributor, and transportation management provider consolidating freight to meet the specific demands of retailers of all sizes. Acting as a consolidation point, Logisticom schedules and manages the movement of FTL and LTL shipments from virtually any vendor location to one of our strategically located facilities.

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On-Demand Distribution 

Distribution is the process of making goods available for consumers or other businesses as and when they are needed. This includes the storage, order fulfillment and packaging of goods, and sometimes the handling of returned orders.

Logisticom will help you tie together the various aspects of logistics; receiving, transportation, warehousing, and more.  Our solutions contribute to an end-to-end supply chain strategy that will successfully scale as your needs fluctuate.

Distribution Services

  • Cross-docking/Transloading

  • On-demand delivery and fulfillment

  • Courier-based shipping

  • FTL/LTL freight forwarding 


Logisticom adds tangible value to your supply chain operations by bringing a cadre of additional services to support your operation, such as transportation, fulfillment and contract packing/kitting.


Our logistics operations provides flexibility and adaptability, assuring that your products are shipped or received correctly, regardless of your supply chain channels or transportation network.

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