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Fulfillment & Delivery

Logisticom drives the distribution needs of our clients and offer innovative on-demand last mile solutions to decrease the footprint to your customers. Find out how our model is changing the game on traditional shipping and order fulfillment. 

Our product fulfillment services include receiving, processing, product inspection, inventory management, product prep and final shipment to your customers, retailers, or fulfillment centers.

Besides tradition freight or courier-based shipping, we operate a technology-enhanced on-demand delivery platform to accelerate order processing and fulfillment.

Fulfillment & Shipping 

Accurate, speedy, and high-quality order fulfillment services are critical to managing a company’s success. We provide a high degree of accuracy and reliability on all customer orders through our worldwide partners, which our clients depend on.


Logisticom understands the importance of getting customer orders right every time a shipment leaves our facility. From the second your inventory lands on our dock, to the day your customer receives the final product, we’re there in every step.

Our Fulfillment Services:

  • Pick and Pack 

  • Sorting & Labeling

  • Kitting & Shipping

  • RMA Management

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Our Shipping Partners

Logisticom works will all the major shipping carriers and have negotiated the most competitive rates that our clients taek advantage of and depend on. 

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On-Demand Delivery

Logisticom offers turn-key on-demand and last mile delivery services, through our delivery platform Zeliver, connecting your business to local customers. We’ve optimized logistics for the 21st century with rapid e-commerce WTD (warehouse-to-door) delivery services.


We provide the cutting-edge rapidly evolving technology, and human assets, to enable the coveted last mile delivery. Our platform seamlessly integrates your business operations with our delivery operations. 

Our mission is to empower your business by providing deliveries the most efficient way possible. With our platform you can schedule drivers for same day deliveries. Our API technology allows you to schedule automatically from your platform to ours.

Powering Deliveries Across Industries

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