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Warehousing & Pick / Pack 

One of the key concerns for supply chain executives  is the ability to properly maintain shipping and warehouse receiving operations. Properly run operations guarantees product availability and inventory visibility, areas that are crucial to your valued customers.  Further, it builds consistency and reliability of your brand, and your reputation.

It’s common for small to mid-sized businesses to struggle with supply chain management.  We utilize a 3D supply chain to optimize your inventory placement and kitting needs throughout our warehouse locations across the country to ensure speed & high customer satisfaction.


Logisticom offers decades of experience with inventory and receiving processes globally.  We identify and inspect your product as it arrives to be sure that you have received the correct order and quantity. We specialize in managing every step of the process. Our warehouse receiving process that is highly optimized and efficient.

Our Inventory Capabilities

  • Logistics Planning

  • Full-Time Warehouse Staff

  • Booking & Scheduling

  • Cargo Unloading

  • Inventory Verification

  • Dedicated, Scalable Storage

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3D Supply Chain

Through the use of our Proximity™ technology, we adopt a more innovate way to manage supply chains with dense optimal hub-and-spoke fulfillment nodes and DCs to diversify the inventory footprint. We gets products closer to your customers therefore reducing shipping and fulfillment costs.

Inventory Management

We inventory, pick the ordered product(s), apply the correct kitting materials and collateral, pack it, and affix the shipping label, so that every order is accurate and precise. We make sure that your inventory is on-hand, organized properly, and tracked using a variety of inventory management applications.

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Pick/Pack & Kitting

Logisticom is your full-service fulfillment service partner, who helps companies achieve their complex product requirements in a timely manner. 

An important stage in your supply chain, accurate picking, kitting and packing directly influences each customer's opinion of your company, their satisfaction level, and whether or not they will re-order, or refer your brands to their friends. 

Picking, Kitting, and Packing Capabilities

  • Inventory Management

  • Product Packaging

  • Pre-shipping Preparation

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Multi-channel fulfillment

  • Shipping Confirmation & Tracking

  • Returns Handling

Reduced Cost

Our streamlined pick and pack fulfillment processes work to save you money, reduce shipping errors, and makes sure your products are well cared for.


Growing companies appreciate the ability to quickly increase customer order capacity without having to increase space or hire more people.

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